72 hikes and trails and 33 watering holes in the Fairest Cape Of Them All? This is heaven. (Well, close to – even for teatotalling me.)

Author Tony Burton is one of us: he’s completed more than 750 hikes and 80 trails but – this is why he’s one of us – he’s also lead some 250 excursions. So we can trust that he knows his stuff – and when he describes some of the hairier bits on, say, Table Mountain, that he’s researched them at first hand, and won’t lead you astray. (Please read pages 12 – 18: ‘Safety on the mountain,’ and ‘What to pack.’)

Clever design, this book: each pub is numbered, and if it, um, crosses paths with the hike you’ve chosen today, you’ll find they’re cross-referenced. So, for example, you can take ten different hikes, and visit The Brass Bell on each one.

And all the time she’ll think you’re out enjoying a healthy hike with your makes…

Maps, little snippets of information (page 92: “Palynology is the study of fossilised pollens…”), and 24 colour photos (some lovely, some to put the fear of van Hunks into you) – so all-in-all a useful book. Except for one thing: the type font’s too small. And, since your market’s probably an older one, is that really a good idea?

Still, those pubs probably mitigate this mistake. Beer goggles anyone?

Like Mike Lundy’s Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula,  everyone who loves the region and loves walking should own a copy. And it’s a complete must for every guest library.

It’s published by Struik Travel & Heritage, and you can

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