Can you believe it? It’s 21 years since this best seller first appeared, and if, like me, you ever owned a copy, it was probably swiped by your best friend and now you’ll want to get your own back by investing in the latest edition and having a good time and hopefully he’ll get lost next time he’s out hiking and finds himself in some kind of glitzy shopping mall fourth dimension hell and I’LL NEVER SPEAK TO HIM EVER AGAIN.

OK, so maybe it’s not that bad, but this is definitely the kind of book that brings out the best in me.

It describes 30 of the best walks in the Peninsula – and although the Kaapenaars will say that means the best walks in the world, even we inferior beings have to admit that they’re each one of them quite spectacular.

This eighth edition has been completely revised, and the book’s been brought into the digital age with GPS coordinates for all the tracks downloadable for free from (it’s a tiny 147 kb zip folder).

If you’ve got a guest library and your property’s in the Cape Peninsula, you need this book. It’ll probably keep your guests in town for at least an extra week.

It’s published in soft cover by Struik Travel and Heritage

Buy it here.