We’re almost there: a few more days, and the whole country’ll be on the move for the summer vacations.

If you’ve ever been away on holiday with the kids – or if you’ve accommodation in the bush and you welcome children – you’ll know how important it I to keep them stimulated.

Find 50 in the Game Reserve  is a simple, fold-out pamphlet that provides quick visual keys and short (30 word) descriptions of the selected species.

My 5-year-old grandson and I have started using ours already – but I have a gripe: they’re made of board which encloses a paper fold-out, and the printer has scored the paper instead of creasing it, so almost from the start the scoring started to rip apart. I’ve had to put tape over the score marks to keep it together.

Still, if you’re looking for a really lekker pillow gift for your younger guests – or for an unusual memento to stock in your gift shop – I’d recommend this beauty, which is published by Struik Nature

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