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Our Strategy For Unlocking Your Strategy

Situation Critical
We sit down with you, listen to you and ask probing questions about you. We need to know who you are, what you need done (create a project? grow your business? develop a new market?), where you’d like to go – and how you’d like to get there. And you need to know these things, too.
Actually, you do know this stuff – and by braving Situation Critical with you, helps to gather and organise the data on which you’ll build your successful strategy.

An ideas factory, a brainstorming session – no, a BrainBlizzard during which we help you find the best way to achieve your goals.
And by the time you’ve experienced a BarefootGenerator or two, you’ll know – and we’ll know – exactly what you’re going to do.

Now comes the hard part – putting your strategy down on paper. This is where takes the results of your BarefootGenerator and writes them down as a clear, cohesive strategy – complete with a definition of the project, a road map, lists of required outcomes, a diary and all the information you need for realising your goals and gaining maximum benefit. For you and your customers.

Strategy Implementation
Here’s the fun part. Watching it all come together – you have the strategy, you know the market and all you need to do is introduce them to one another. can do this with you – or you can face it alone, it’s up to you…

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The BarefootBenefit
BarefootClients provides communications services (copy writing, advertising, project management and that kind of stuff) as well as strategy planning and creative thought for select clients who share our Barefoot On The Beach approach to business. It’s simple. We believe that successful marketing creates relationships – friendships – between businesses and their customers. Our job is to help you develop friendships with your clients: to make them so comfortable with you that they’ll happily walk Barefoot On The Beach with you … Because business works best between friends. That’s the BarefootBenefit.

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The Barefoot Work Ethic
When BarefootClients goes to work for a client, we commit to that client. We work openly and democratically. And we subscribe to Ricardo Semler’s concept of The Seven Day Weekend – which means that we work when it’s necessary and rest when it’s necessary: that we’re as happy to write on Sunday at 11:00 in the evening as we are to go to the movies on Monday at 10:00 in the morning.
And another thing: committing to a client means taking payment from the client and from the client alone. No kick-backs, no commissions, no finders’ fees. None of that stuff. Our rate structure is simple and transparent: we charge per word for writing and per hour for thinking, facilitating, brainstorming, managing and strategising. And we charge a 15% project management fee on the services of contractors working under our direction.

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Experience. Knowledge. Exposure.


Copy Writing – “Copy Is King”
It’s simple: on-line or off, readers want to read. And when it comes to search engines, web crawlers look at copy – the words on your site. That’s why Copy Is King.

BarefootClients writes copy that’s clear, fresh and easy to read for

  • Newsletters
  • Web sites
  • Ads
  • Brochures
  • Film scripts
  • And that kind of stuff…

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Feature Articles
This is where we get to the meat of things, where we probe and find the most interesting, human part of your story – and tell it.

Some recent feature articles by BarefootWriter Martin Hatchuel.

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Marketing Strategies
True or false? – You can’t break the rules unless you know them.
False – if you make your own rules. Especially now that marketing has moved away from the old ‘call-to-action’ model, where marketers told consumers what to do. Because these days, consumers are as likely to tell marketers where to get off.
In the on-line world, marketing has at last become a conversation – and that’s where comes in with our

  • BrainBlizzards
  • Facilitating
  • Creative workshops
  • And stuff like that, too…

… all designed to help you create your own rule book.

Let’s have a chat and together we’ll find the best way for you to talk with your clients and customers.

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Project management provides copy, design and project management for

  • Product & Image Brochures
  • News letters
  • Souvenir books
  • Rooms brochures
  • Posters
  • Indoor and outdoor displays
  • And stuff like that…

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Media Management
Media Management – it is possible. In fact, a well managed media campaign will stretch and str-etch (and s-t-r-e-t-c-h) your marketing budget …

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Go here to read what BarefootWriter Martin Hatchuel has to say about media management – and especially about media management during critical incidents – in his paper “Managing Perceptions: The Care and Feeding of the Media.”

This Tourism Week
Read BarefootWriter Martin Hatchuel’s blog and weekly commentary on the tourism industry in South Africa here.

Amongst others:

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